Small Business

Why All Small Business Should Be With Us

How do we help your employees with their care?

  • Comprehensive Health Care:  Dr. Hakimi can help navigate your employees through the large network of health care, to meet their needs, from primary care to surgery.
  • Affordability: With our advance medical payment model, employees get a low monthly fee, no co-pays, no deductibles, and discounted prescriptions.
  • Access: Same day appointments, worker’s compensation, chronic disease management, weight loss management, and more.
  • Data on savings: We provide up to date data on how much it has saved your employees when utilizing our services.
Did you know that fees for DPC service are often lower than the annual cost of copays and coinsurance for office visits, labs, and prescriptions. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Hakimi to talk about your needs and ask about pricing.

Pricing for Small Businesses

*Plans billed via monthly automatic EFT

Companies with 5-10 Employees

Companies with 11-50 Employees

Companies with 51-100 Employees

Companies with 100+ employees

Summary Of Employee Benefits

Employees receive comprehensive medical care with in-depth knowledge of their medical visit.

Summary Of Employer Benefits

A healthy workforce as a result of comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Dr. Ati Hakimi MD will have a comprehensive knowledge of your patient’s health.

Why do Employers sign up for DPC?

  • Time, Money, and Employee Happiness
  • No Increasing Premiums Year Over Year
  • No Limited Doctor Access
  • Employee Retention
  • No High Deductibles
  • Higher Productivity

Our goal is to improve your employee’s health not just see them when they are sick.
Having affordable, convenient, and quality healthcare not only makes employees happier, it leads to healthier, more productive, and even more loyal employees, who feel their families are being taken care of, without the extremely high costs.



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