6 Months Free Membership to Direct Primary Care

It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not, with us you get a doctor that cares about you and wants you to become and stay healthier. Virtual appointments, In-Person appointments, they are all unlimited. People avoid going to the doctor because the cost is unknown, now you won’t have that problem.

More About Vegas DPC

Direct Primary Care is not a new way of medicine. It is a membership based model of healthcare where members pay a fixed, monthly fee to receive unrestricted access to their Primary Care Doctor. Not what your used to? It is actually better, like your gym membership, or Netflix, for a low monthly fee you get unlimited appointments and easy quick access to Dr. Ati Hakimi MD whenever you need. Even if you do not have insurance

Unlimited Appointment

We do not charge you a Co-Pay, so you can come see us as often as you like. In fact we encourage it.

Our Cost On Prescriptions

You already know the large markup on prescription medicine. You get them at our cost which has saved patients hundreds per month.

Large Savings On Labs

Sometimes you are going to need labs. We have already worked out prices with local offices so you will know exactly what you are going to pay.