About Dr. Ati Hakimi MD

Dr. Ati Hakimi MD graduated from Northwestern University residency in Family Medicine and did an extra year of training in Geriatric Medicine at Rush University Medical Center. She has practiced medicine for over 20 years.
She moved to Las Vegas in 2016 and immediately knew she was home. She was chosen for Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2018 and that is where she found her tribe to motivate her to make a difference in the city. She was very disheartened to know that Las Vegas was number 47 in the nation in healthcare. So,  with the support of her life long leadership friends and her family, she started Vegas Direct Primary Care. 
She now practices medicine as she has always dreamed of! She is able to provide compassionate, quality care to all her members and treats them as if they are a part of her own family

Dr Hakimi was a board member at Immunize Nevada and is currently with Angels of Las Vegas. She volunteers with Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada and takes care of the elderly patients. She is an ambassador with the Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2018. 

She enjoys traveling the world (she’s visited over 40 countries and counting!), hiking with friends, going to concerts and enjoying foods from all the amazing restaurants that Vegas has to offer. 

What's "Direct Primary Care"?

Put simply, Vegas DPC is a flat fee monthly healthcare membership that focuses on prevention and physical and mental well-being without the middle man. For a low fixed monthly fee, patients get unlimited access to their primary care doctor. There are so many advantages that stem from this model that many patience prefer DPC even when they have medical insurance.

Did you know that fees for DPC service are often lower than the annual cost of copays and coinsurance for office visits, labs, and prescriptions. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Ati Hakimi MD to talk about your needs and ask about pricing.

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