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You may have great health insurance but do you have great health CARE? 

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is a patient care for the whole family. The model is based on a flat fee monthly membership for all access to a physician (email, text, phone, in office visits, and in special cases home visits). In return, the physician can provide personalized care, dispense medication in the office (IE antibiotics, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic pills) Also labs and imaging are discounted almost 50% DPC practices often suggest that patients acquire a high-deductible policy to cover emergencies.

Why Vegas DPC

Now that you know what DPC is, Here is why you should choose Vegas DPC for you and your loved ones.


Work directly with your doctor and develop a relationship for your heathcare needs.


Direct access via text, email, phone, office or home visits. Care where you need it.


Affordable healthcare tailored to your individual needs. No insurance , no co-pays, no hidden fees ..


With a fixed mothly membership fee that covers most of your non-emergency medical needs, there are no suprise bills or insurance to deal with.

About Dr. Hakimi

Dr. Ati Hakimi MD

Family Medicine physician Fellowship trained in Geriatrics


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Doctor Hakimi is a very knowledgeable provider who takes a personal interest in her patients. She takes the time to get to know and treat the whole person, rather than just address symptoms. I have entrusted my care as well as that of my elderly parents and extended family to her.

Laura O.

Attorney Executive

Dr Hakimi has minimized the stress and lack of efficiency to have clarity when you have an abrupt medical issue. I recently suffered a concussion and had numerous tests being performed and after I was released from the hospital, I was having some issues that I wasn’t pre warned that may arise…. luckily I had the option to contact Dr Hakimi and notified her what was going on and she actually catered to me and not only checked my vitals, but was transparent with her observation and it alleviated the stress that I was enduring. Direct Primary Care by Dr Hakimi is now a part of my life as I now have the confidence of knowing where to go to as opposed to going thru the normal hospital protocols that can take hours and hours.

Thank you Dr Hakimi ❤️
Alex K.


I just saw my 4th Dr. on Thursday. She’s wonderful! She’s starting her own “old school” practice where she does house calls. You basically have a membership for $100/month and have your own family physician on call. I’ve finally started to feel better (have slept a ton) in the past 48 hours because of her! She’s extremely responsive and LISTENS unlike all the urgent care physicians I’ve been to see. I’ve been extremely sick for 2 weeks and am finally starting to feel a difference because of her.

Stephanie R.

Real Estate Executive

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